The Towers

Silent companions of my morning
walk, in your shadow I pondered
my day.

And when your majestic height
soared way above me, I knew
that in a few minutes I would be

Your mighty sight was my
compass, my beacon, a reassuring presence informing me
where I was in relation to your position.

Since that crystal-clear blue
morning sky was suddenly
darkened by your cries and sorrow,
life has not been the same.

At first there was bravery, then sadness, and
now, like an orphaned child,
bewilderment at the idea of going
on in a world where intolerance
and prejudice prevail.

May your short-lived existence be the symbol of freedom to all.

Grazia Vita September 2002


I wanted to make an artist book as a tribute to the WTC on the tenth anniversary since the attack. On that warm limpid day when suddenly after returning home from my daily walk, in a flash, my inner and outer landscapes were forever altered. The book is a three part segments of the Towers’ life from 1989 to 2011 and my personal observations on that day.

I vividly remember my decision to stay on the roof of my apartment building, shooting away until the fall of the North Tower, photographing in detail the horror unfolding around me.

I would like to present these images as a reminder of the inconceivable destruction brought by an act of hateful violence on that crystal clear day that affected the entire world.

The Twin Towers book is available for purchase. Please contact us for details.