Grazia Vita's love of photography began as a young teenager when a family member gave her an old I.C.A.F. Milano camera that she used to record family gatherings and events. She moved from Italy to New York City in 1971, and later studied photography at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts.

Grazia Vita’s images have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions In New York City and Italy. Her photographs are in many private and public collections and have been widely published in an international array of magazines throughout the world.


I’m always looking for natural scenes and objects that reveal the merging of harmony and symmetry.  I feel that even the most mundane location [or setting] can become interesting if viewed from a particular angle.
In my photographs, I seek to unveil the anonymity and randomness of our world that exists beyond a first glance, just beneath the surface.  I want my work to evoke a sensory dialog with the viewer so that the extraordinary within the ordinary can be perceived.

My work is inspired by childhood memories, as well as fantasies and dreams, from which I create a personal world where "magic" and beauty co-exist.  My photographs depict landscapes, people, architecture, flowers and seascapes. I photograph in both black and white and vivid color.